About Franksters Burgers


First established back in 2016 in the founders hometown of Batley, Frankie’s (as it was known at the time) was created with one simple goal, to provide a new mouth-watering food experience to the towns inhabitants.

Through tinkering family recipes and experimenting with new cooking concepts, the founders pushed the boundaries of flavour to higher heights, working relentlessly to create an innovative, great tasting menu. It was through their experimentation and focus on using only the finest selection of natural ingredients that Frankster’s famous Angus Beef Burger was created. Since then the menu has grown to include a variety of signature foods such as the Peri Peri chicken and more.

Frankster’s is now a recognisable brand with a solid customer base and following on social media. It has been a favourite hotspot for both locals and visitors throughout the UK and has been frequented by a number of famous celebrities from across the world.

Having worked hard to cement the brand as a top food supplier, the founders have invested heavily in top of the range equipment and technology to ensure the highest standard of food quality and customer service at all times. The restaurants have also been built and decorated to give customers the top dining experience.

Now with multiple locations across Yorkshire, Frankster’s has launched its franchise ambitions. While the number of restaurants continues to grow, Frankster’s vision remains in not only providing the best food but also exceptional service and great ambience.